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We offer a new and easy way to offer patio cushions and umbrellas to your customers. We save you the trouble of carrying stock and ship directly to your customers from our location.

Drop Ship Programs

Jordan Manufacturing Inc. has met the challenges of working with catalog retailers. Whether your company is a traditional catalog house or an established e-commerce company we have the experience to expedite your orders. We offer drop ship programs for all cushions and umbrellas as well as many of our furniture items. Jordan Manufacturing Inc. has developed a line of drop ship furniture items that meet the standards set forth by FedEx. Jordan Manufacturing Inc. has been fully EDI capable since 1994. We also offer advance-shipping notices when necessary.

  • No Inventory Hassle
  • Quick Turn Around Time
  • EDI Capable
  • Third Party Billing
  • Ability to Offer More Options Without the Overhead
  • More Fabric and Custom Choices Available
  • Very Convenient
  • Endless Aisle of Products

drop ship graphic

Drop shipping products saves you time and money, plus expands product selections.  All of this adds up to increased sales and higher margins in the product category.  Drop shipping reduces inventory and warehouse costs, not to mention labor costs associated with product handling.  Jordan takes the hassles out of the drop shipping process by maintaining inventory levels to ensure on time delivery of products direct to your store or your customer’s home.  In most cases, Jordan ships within a three to four working day window of receiving the order.  Jordan in fully EDI capable and has been for a number of years; which means faster and more accurate processing of orders.  Sit back, relax, and let Jordan take the headache out of drop shipping!

Please see our latest drop ship catalog for more information.

Standard Programs

Jordan Manufacturing Inc. will customize a cushion and umbrella program to meet your every need. Whether you have one retail store or two hundred, we will customize your program to reflect regional and economic conditions. Jordan Manufacturing Inc. has the experience of over 20 years in business to help design a program to your exact needs. Jordan Manufacturing Inc. also offers an array of display units to help sell our product.


Private Label Programs

Jordan Manufacturing Company Inc. has the capability to private label product for our customers. The cushions may be labeled with a sewn in fabric label and the wood furniture may be labeled with a brass plaque. Jordan Manufacturing Company Inc. also offers exclusive fabrics under certain conditions.

Direct Import Programs

Jordan Manufacturing Inc. has years of importing experience, which benefits you with price, quality, and service. Jordan Manufacturing Inc. offers an array of umbrellas, benches, wood product, and wicker to help accent your outdoor needs. Jordan Manufacturing Inc. is committed to delivering the best possible import program to satisfy your needs.

Please see our latest direct container catalog for more information.


Contract Sewing


Contract Sewing US or Asia – Non-Apparel

Contact us for more information.

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